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Shampaine 1900 - For Sale - Used

Used Shampaine 1900 - Surgical Table - For Sale

Category: Surgical Tables Item: Surgical Table
Manufacturer: Shampaine Model: 1900
Status: For Sale - Used Price: Call or Email!  -  Make Offer or Request Quote
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Description: A Shampaine Radi-Op O.R. table makes that an easy decision whether you choose one of the tables in our 1900 series. Because one Radi-Op table can do the job of six individual specialty tables. Easier, better and less expensively.

One Radi-Op can be six things to all people. A C-arm table. A general surgery table. A back-up urological table. A EENT table. An neurosurgery table. And an orthopedic table (when traction is not required).

You probably have tables that perform only one of those functions sitting around the hospital right now. Performing that function very infrequently. But that won't happen with the Radi-Op, because it adjusts to your needs. So much so, you may never see it going unused.

No other O.R. table makes an operating room run more efficiently because no other O.R. table has the Radi-Op's versatility. Versatility in functions to fit your needs and in price to fit your budget.


Electrical surgical table with radi-op top For use as a c-arm table, a general surgery table, a back-up for a urological table, an EENT table, a neurosurgery table, and as an orthopedic table (when traction is not required) Easy to operate and versatility in functions to fit different needs Fabricated from radio-translucent and conductive panels, which conform to radiation specifications Cassette tunnel is incorporated into each of the five tabletop sections allowing positioning of x-ray cassettes up to 14" x 17" Incorporated longitudinal slide of the tabletop towards the head and/or foot ends


Dimensions: 72" long (86" with removable leg extension), 19 ¾" wide (21¾" with side rails), and 28" to 44" high Trandelenburg: Up to 25° Reverse Trandelenburg: Up to 25° Lateral Tilt: Up to 17° right or left Back Section: Adjustable 30° below horizontal and 90° above horizontal Kidney Elevator: Extendable up to 4" Leg Section: Adjustable from 92° below horizontal to 70° above Headrest Section: Adjustable from 90° below horizontal to 45° above in 15° increments Electrical: Motor requires 117 volts, single phase, 60 Hz power at 8 amperes Designed for use in non-flammable and non-hazardous anesthetizing locations


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